ChraLab CHS-40 Headspace Sampler
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ChraLab CHS-40 Headspace Sampler

The ChraLab CHS-40 Headspace sampler

is a automatic headspace sampler designed for 40 samples. The ChraLab CHS-40 works with a gas-sampling valve for injection (in compare to some other syringe HSS samplers).

The valve with sample loop can endure temperature-steadily up to 350 °C, so we can be sure to have no memory effects (usually coming up with high boiling point polar components). The live time for the injection system is some million injections without changing.

System description:

  • Screw and crimp vials are usable.
  • 20 ml HSS vials standard ( 10ml with adapters).
  • Electric actuated 6-way injection valve (VICI) with 1 ml sample loop(exchangeable).
  • Heated incubation oven for 12 samples (40°C - 200°C, in 1°C-steps) with integrated shaker.
  • Automatic samples recognition.
  • Carrier gas is controlled directly from the GC.
  • AUX Gas controlled by the ChraLab CHS-40.
  • The ChraLab CHS-40 can be connected to different GC\'s by a flexible transfer line "fused silica" transfer line can installed easily).
  • Up to 9 different parameter sets can be stored.
  • "MHE" technology with max. 250 steps and single penetration (of the injection needle) are possible.
  • Additions possible: second (sampling) valve; addition reactant gas; catalytic converter, ...
  • Communication via RS-232, BCD sample code, ready- and start relays.
  • Dimensions approx. width x high x depth 29 x 40x 60 cm³.
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