Sound Level Meter

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  • Sound level meter with A-frequency weighting / simultaneous temperature measurement / 0.1 dB resolution / HOLD function / extreme value measurement / large frequency range / backlit colour LCD

    The Sound Level Meter / Noise Leve Meter ChraLab 428 is a simple sound measuring device. The sound level meter / noise level meter ChraLab 428 is used to quickly determine the ambient volume. In addition to the volume measurement, the sound level meter / noise level meter also has the facility to determine the ambient temperature. The measurement of background noise is important in almost every situation today. For this purpose it is helpful to use a simple sound level meter / noise level meter that gives the user an initial idea about the possible noise level.

    The LC display gives clear results of the measurements made by the sound level meter. A backlight is also integrated into the display. The sound level meter is especially ideal for measurements that need to be non-stationary.

    - Extreme value measurement

    - High precision

    - Fast volume measurements

    - Backlit colour LCD

    - Simultaneous temperature measurement

    - HOLD function

    - Large frequency range

    - A-frequency weighting

    - Robust ABS plastic housing

    - 1/2" electret condenser microphone

    - Slow/fast time rating

    - Alarm at frequency exceeded

    - Resolution 0.1dB

    - Display update every 300 ms 

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