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Company Profile

* Chratec delivers the highest quality, cutting edge products backed by unmatched technical support. From HPLC to GC, analytical to prep, all columns are manufactured on-site and subjected to rigid quality standards.
* Chromatography technology is always moving forward and the challenges facing our pharmaceutical customers have changed in recent years. We have the ability to react quickly to the changing combi-chem and drug discovery environment and we now offer a wide range of products to meet your high-throughput needs.
* With so many stationary phases and column dimensions to choose from, we can make your scale up easy and worry free. From 2.0mm screening columns for LC-MS to kilograms of bulk media, we are with you every step of the way.
* No other company offers the diversity of stationary phases in our line-up. With over 80 stationary phases, and more being added periodically, we feel certain we can meet all of your HPLC and GC needs. All phases are available in 3,5,7,10,16, 20 micron and larger. From standard to the most custom, nothing is out of reach. We also offer a complete array of column diameters and lengths. Everything from 2.0mm ID through 50.0mm ID.
* Each and every column is tested and shipped with an original chromatogram. All stationary phase media is bonded at our facility, so the quality and reproducibility of each batch can be closely monitored. All columns are packed and tested on-site as well by our team of production specialists to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our customers.

Our Goals

* Chratec has been developing and manufacturing pressure-stable polymeric high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns for nearly 10 years. We are an established name in science whose products are found in most of the world’s top chromatography labs. From columns to parts to sample preparations and more, Chratec offers a full line of off-the-shelf and custom chromatography products for HPLC and gas chromatography (GC)...
* Our mission at Chratec, Inc. is to provide our pharmaceutical customers with the highest quality HPLC and GC solutions the market has to offer. With over 10 years of HPLC experience, we are able to provide an unmatched variety of products with custom tailored answers for even the most difficult separations. Our team of professional chromatographers is available to assist you not only in the selection and purchase of your columns, but with long term support. Here at Chratec we are constantly innovating and pushing the limits of HPLC and GC. No other company offers more flexibility and choices on a consistent basis than we do. Quality. Choices. Flexibility. Innovation. Support. Five words. One goal. The complete and total satisfaction of our customers.


Mr. John Smith
Dr. London University
Joined in 2001

Managing Director

Mr. Steve Edwards
PhD. Sydney University
Joined in 2005

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