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[AT-930990-902] Eclipse XDB-C18,2.1x150mm,3.5um, BC


[AT-930990-902] Eclipse XDB-C18,2.1x150mm,3.5um, BC

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Cho xin giá cột zorbax XDB -c18, 150x2.1,3.5um . Của agilent


J&W DB-624 GC Column, 60 m, 0.53 mm, 3.00 µm, 7 inch cage 125-1364 Agilent (Mỹ)


Pos Code Quotation

1 G2421A

2 G1969-85000

3 G3870-31006

4 5410042300

5 5410042300

6 G1311-60007

7 G1969-85000

8 G1969-85000

9 RMSN-2

10 CP17973

11 19231-60680

12 G1531-80620

13 CP7995

14 G1531-60720

15 G3870-80020

16 G3452-60852

17 G8014-65001

18 G8014-60100

19 G2571-60475

20 G8014-60100

21 G8010-60827

22 5610102900

23 5610100800

24 9910115100

25 471003200

26 6310001200

27 6310003400

28 9910093400

29 6310003100

30 5188-6405

31 CP17973

32 5183-4647

33 G8010-87301

34 G8010-60610

35 G8014-67010

36 G8010-60228

37 G8014-60801

38 G3870-80017


ESI Tuning Mix, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-G2421-60001

sBelt Dia 3 replacement for 541002550, 8P Unit(s) 1 AT-5410042300

Vacuum Pump prep, 8P Unit(s) 1 AT-G1311-60007

ESI-L Low Concentration Tuning Mix 100ml, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-G1969-85000

ESI-L Low Concentration Tuning Mix 100ml, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-G1969-85000

Big Universal Trap, 1/8i fttgs, Nitrogen, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-RMSN-2

Gas Clean Filter Carrier Gas, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-CP17973

Ignitor Glow Plug Assembly, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-19231-60680

Jet,Cap Optimized, high temp,0.47mm ID, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-G1531-80620

Gas Clean Filter FID Kit 1/4 in, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-CP7995

Lead - Pb, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5610102900

Cadmium - Cd, Coded HC Lamp, 1/pk, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5610100800

Capillary assembly for PSD-120, 5/pk, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-9910115100

Graphite tubes, partitioned, 10/pk, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-6310001200

Graphite electrodes for GTA 120, 1 pair, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-6310003400

Mark 7 spray chamber O-ring kit, aqueous, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-9910093400

Graphite shroud for GTA 120, 1/pk, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-6310003100

Agilent, O-ring Inlet glass liner seal, 5pk Unit(s) 1 AT-5188-6405

Gas Clean Filter Carrier Gas, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-CP17973

Liner,split,low prs drop,glswl,tpr,deact, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5183-4647

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