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Cột HPLC C18 (250 x 4.6 x 5.0 µm), chịu đc PH> 1.5


Cột HPLC  C18  (250 x 4.6 x 5.0 µm), chịu đc PH> 1.5


C18: 125x4,6mm, hạt 4um + holder + bộ bảo vệ cột


Đèn máy Xenon Lamp 10096001

Kit Vialsampler G7129-68740

AIV Cartridge 600 bar G1312-60020

Brass ball calve 0100-2144

PM Kit for 1290

infinity II multisampler (G7167B) G7167-68710


Xenon Lamp for Thermo Scientific Evolution 300 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

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9-425, 9mm vial cap and septa


6040-1444, AVF 60 Gold Oil


ALS Syringe, 10 µL, fixed needle, 23-26s/42/cone 5181-1267, Agilent Cái 3 Agilent

Capillary ASSY cho ESI for LCMS 8040 Shimazu 225-14948-91 Cái 1 Shimadzu

Cột sắc kí khí GC DB 5MS Ultra Inert (30m x 0,25 mm x 0,25µm) 19091S-433, Agilent Cái 1 Agilent

Cột sắc kí khí GC HP5 MS 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um Agilent 122-5532 Cái 2 Agilent

Cột sắc ký lỏng Zorbax Eclipse XDB-C18 (150 mm x 3,5µm x 3) Agilent 963954-302 Cái 3 Agilent

Cột sắc ký lỏng Zorbax Eclipse XDB-C18 (150 mm x 3mm x 3,5µm) 963954-302, Agilent Cái 1 Agilent

Desolvation Line Assembly, DL ASSY dùng cho LCMS-8040 S225-15718-91-Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Drain Valve Assembly (20AD/20AB onl 228-45574-95 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Drain Valve Assembly (XR only) 228-50450-92 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Ferrule, 0.5mm x 0.32um 10/PK Agilent Agilent 5062-3514 túi 1 Agilent

Filament Assy, 180mm của Shimazu 221-41847-93, , Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Filament for PB1, ROHS (pirani gause vacuum gause) S225-20310-91-Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Filament, high temperature EI dfor GC-MS G7005-60061, Agilent Cái 2 Agilent

Filament, high temperature, EI ion source G7005-6001, Agilent Cái 2 Agilent

Filter packing Assay 228-18872-84, 5 cái/gói , Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Filter packing Assy 228-18872-84, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Filter packing assy của Shimazu Shimazu 228-18872-91 Cái 1 Shimadzu

GFP Plunger Seal (20AD/20AB only) 228-35146-00 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Glass filter, solvent inlet, 20 µm, for Agilent 1200 Infinity Series 5041-2168, Agilent Cái 5 Agilent

Grease for Pump Cam Assy 228-45615-91 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

High Pressure Valve Stator 228-45408-91 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

IC GAUGE 225-09490-01, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Inlet liner, Ultra Inert, splitless, single taper, glass wool, 5/pk 5190-3163, Agilent Gói 2 Agilent

Inlet septa, long-life, non-stick, 11 mm, 50/pk, for 5880, 5890, 4890, 6850, 6890, 7890 GCs 5183-4761, Agilent Gói 1 Agilent

Insert vial 250 µL 100 C/túi Agilent 5183-2085 túi 2 Agilent

Low Pressure Valve Rotor 228-36923-00 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Low Pressure Valve Stator 228-36917-01 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Nebulizer (needle SS316 replacement) kit. Includes 30 ga nebulizer needle ferrule (G1969-20014), ESI standard needle 30 ga (G1960-20031), flanged needle holder (G1946-20275) G1958-60137, Agilent Gói 1 Agilent

Needle assembly G4226-87201, Agilent Cái 1 Agilent

Needle Seal (PEEK - standard) 228-42325-01 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Needle Seal (Vespel - optional for GPC) 228-48258-91 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Needle Seal XR dùng cho SIL-20ACxr Shimadzu 228-50390, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Needle seat, PEEK, 0.12 mm ID capillary, for G1367D, G1367E well plate sampler. G1367-87012, Agilent Cái 1 Agilent

Needle unit assy S225-14290-41 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Needle, G1313A Autosampler G1313-87201, Agilent Cái 1 Agilent

O-RING, 4D S6 036-19004-03, Shimadu Cái 2 Shimadzu

O-RING,4D G145, LCMS-8030/8040 Interface door 036-12527-00, Shimadzu Cái 2 Shimadzu

O-RING,4D P7 036-11205-00, Shimadzu Cái 2 Shimadzu

Outlet Check Valve, LC-20AD/AB/10ADvp/ATvp/i-Series/LC-30ADSF 228-45705-91, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

PE Plunger Seal (optional, LC-20AD/AB only) 228-32628-00, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

PEEK Frit 228-48607-91, Shimadzu Cái 2 Shimadzu

PEEK Male Nut, Narrow Head 228-35403, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

PEEK Needle Seal 228-50390, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Plunger seal dùng cho1260 Quat pump Agilent 2 cái/gói Agilent 5063-6589 gói 1 Agilent

Primary secondary amine (PSA) sorbent 25g/lọ Silicycle-Canada AUT-1312 PSA Primary Secondary Amine 40-63um, 60Ao lọ 11 Mỹ

QuEChERS Extraction Kit, EN Method 4.0g MgSO4, 1.0g NaCl, 1.0g SCTD, 0.5g SCDS, 50 gói/hộp Hộp 15 Mỹ

Rotor, 5PV peek wide (low-pressure) của Shimazu 228-36923, , Shimadzu Cái 2 Shimadzu

RP Oil ultragrade19 (4l Lit)-Edwards: S017-30163-02 Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Seal 42455 của Shimazu 228-35146, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Seal cap assembly dùng cho1260 Quat pump Agilent Agilent 5067-4728 Cái 1 Agilent

Septa Non-Stick Long Life 11mm 50pk Agilent 5183-4761 gói 1 Agilent

Septa vial Septa, for screw top caps, certified, PTFE/red silicone, 100/pk. Septum size: 9 mm (for 12 mm cap), 5182-0731, Agilent Gói 5 Agilent

Septa vial 100 cái/túi Agilent 5182-0731 túi 2 Agilent

Stainless Steel Male Nut 228-16001, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Stainless Steel Nut/ SSNE-16-012S 670-11009, 5 cái/gói , Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Stainless Steel Suction Filter Element 228-45707-91, Shimadzu Cái 5 Shimadzu

Stainless Steel Tubing A (Left), LC-20AD 228-45590-91, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Stainless Steel Tubing B (Right), LC-20AD 228-45590-92, Shimadzu Cái 1 Shimadzu

Swagelok, 1.6 mm ID, PEEK, finger-tight fitting 2/pack. for 1/16in OD tubing 0100-1516, Agilent Gói 1 Agilent

Syringe 10F-S-0.63 10UL 221-34618, Shimadzu Cái 2 Shimadzu

Syringe filter PTFE, 0.45 µm x 25 mm, 100 cái/hộp Whatman 9911-2504-100 Hộp 1 Whatman

Syringe, 10 µl cho GC Agilent Agilent 5181-1267 Cái 5 Agilent

Vacuum Fluid 45 Gold, 1 Liter. 5191-5851, Agilent Chai 1 Agilent

Vial rack, plastic, for 12 mm crimp top micro vials, 5/pk 9301-0722, Agilent Hộp 1 Agilent

Column nut, universal 2/PK 5181-8830 Agilent

Economy Moisture Trap, 1/8in, 400cc MT400-2 Agilent

Ferrule, 0.5mm Graphite 0.32 col 10/PK 5080-8853 Agilent

FID Collector Insulator G1531-20700 Agilent

Gold Plated inlet Seal and Washer, 10/pk 5190-2209 Agilent

Install Kit for GCs w/out Gas Purifiers 19199M Agilent

Liner O-Ring, Non-Stick 100 pk 5190-2269 Agilent

Liner,UI,universl,low prss drop,GW,25/pk 5190-3169 Agilent

Septa Non-Stick BTO Inlet 11mm 100 pk 5183-4757-100 Agilent

Syr. 10ul tapered, FN 23-26s/42/HP, 6/PK 5181-3360 Agilent

Trap, SplitVent and 3 PK Cart. RDT-1020 Agilent

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