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[THERMO-869-169100] Ge Crystal Plate for Smart iTX and iD7 ATR


[THERMO-869-169100]  Ge Crystal Plate for Smart iTX and iD7 ATR


869-169100 Đĩa tinh thể Ge
Ge Crystal Plate for Smart iTX and iD7 ATR"


Hamilton PRP-X100 100A 5um, 4.1 x 100mm, ea. Unit(s) 1 HA-79538

Hamilton PRP-X100 100Å Analytical Guard Starter Kit Stainless Steel (incl. 1x Holder & 2x Cartridges), ea. Unit(s) 1 HA-79448


Gas Clean Filter Oxygen, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-CP17970

Gas Clean Filter Hydrocarbon, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-CP17972

Gas Clean Filter Moisture, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-CP17971

Split vent trap PM kit,single cartridge, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-5188-6495

Cartridges,SplitVentTrap(3), 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-RDT-1023

Thermo Scientific TC1165X1 THERMOCOUPLE ASSEMBLY Unit(s) 1 TC1165X1

EMT Duo Torch Unit(s) 1 THERMO-842312051841

EMT Center Tube 2 mm ID Unit(s) 1 THERMO-842312051971

Standard concentric nebulizer for use with Samples containing up to 3% TDS Unit(s) 1 THERMO-842312051431

Spray Chamber Unit(s) 1 THERMO-842312051411

Mini Peri-Pump Tubing 3-Stop PVC White / White / White 1.02mm ID (6/pk) Unit(s) 1 THERMO-842312052401

Mini Peri-Pump, 3-Stop Yellow/Blue (0.060″/1.52mm ID), PVC, 12/pkg (455mm OVA, 95mm gap between stops) Unit(s) 1 THERMO-842312052411


5982-5752 Agilent

5982-5753 Agilent

G3160-65303 Agilent

G3280-67135 Agilent

G1833-65570 Agilent

G1833-65569 Agilent

G3280-67047 Agilent

G3280-67009 Agilent

6040-0798 Agilent

G3292-80010 Agilent

G1833-65576 Agilent

G3280-67016 Agilent

G3280-67026 Agilent

G3280-67079 Agilent

G3280-67092 Agilent

G8400-67028 Agilent

3301538 Peak

2140-0820 Agilent

01018-22707 Agilent

G4267-81008 Agilent

5063-6591 Agilent

G1313-87305 Agilent


5020-19005 Agilent

5061-3356 Agilent

820999-901 Agilent

228-35443-91 Thermo

228-41024-93 Thermo

228-42325-01 Thermo

228-35871-96 Thermo

228-18872-94 Thermo

228-45408-93 Thermo

228-41310-92 Thermo

228-45402-95 Thermo

228-34216 Thermo


C18 Endcapped,100g Bulk Sorbent, 9P Unit(s) 1 AT-5982-5752

Primary Secondary Amine (PSA), 100g, 9P Unit(s) 1 AT-5982-5753

6mL PP vial for I-AS Trays A + E (200pk), 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G3160-65303

Argon flow controller, 7700x/s (Pb-Free), 8P Unit(s) 1 AT-G3280-67135

Peri pump tube Ismaprene 3-stop yel/blu, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G1833-65570

Peri pump tube Tygon 3-stop wht/wht 15/p, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G1833-65569

Peri pump tube Tygon 2-stop blu/org 12/p, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G3280-67047

Graphite gasket for Sampling cone (3/pk), 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-G3280-67009

Rough Pump Fluid, 1Gal., Inland 45, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-6040-0798

Poly-Clear fluid (for G3292A Chiller), AA Unit(s) 1 AT-G3292-80010

OPTICAL FIBER, 8P Unit(s) 1 AT-G1833-65576

Deuterium lamp w. RFID for DAD/MWD, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-2140-0820

PTFE Frits 5PK, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-01018-22707

Fitting-Fingertight PEEK for 1/16-in, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5063-6591

Capillary, 0.17x180mm 1/16 in male/male, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-G1313-87305

Leak Sensor Assembly, 8P Unit(s) 1 AT-5061-3356

High Perf. ZORBAX Guard Fittings Kit, BC Unit(s) 1 AT-820999-901

Shimadzu, VALVE, FCV Unit(s) 1 SI-228-35443-91

Shimadzu, GRINDING COATING NEEDLE, 20A Unit(s) 1 SI-228-41024-93

Shimadzu, NEEDLE SEAL DIRECT Unit(s) 1 SI-228-42325-01

Shimadzu, ASSY, LINE FILTER Unit(s) 1 SI-228-35871-96

Shimadzu, FILTER PACKING HP ASSY Unit(s) 1 SI-228-18872-94

Shimadzu, STATOR ASSY 20A 35MPA Unit(s) 1 SI-228-45408-93

Shimadzu, ROTOR PEEK HV 2010 Unit(s) 1 SI-228-41310-92

Shimadzu, SAMPLE LOOP ASSY 100 Unit(s) 1 SI-228-45402-95

Shimadzu, XE LAMP, 150W Unit(s) 1 SI-228-34216


STT Tên hàng yêu cầu Hãng ĐVT SL

1 Vial thủy tinh trắng 2ml, miệng rộng

Nắp vial (dùng vial 2ml miệng rộng) có lỗ, không xẻ rãnh 10 hộp

Nắp vial (dùng vial 2ml miệng rộng) có lỗ, có xẻ rãnh 10 hộp

2 Vial thủy tinh nâu 2ml, miệng rộng

Nắp vial (dùng vial 2ml miệng rộng) có lỗ, không xẻ rãnh 10 hộp

Nắp vial (dùng vial 2ml miệng rộng) có lỗ, có xẻ rãnh 10 hộp


Vial,screw,2ml,clr,cert,100PK, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5182-0714

Vial,screw,2ml,ambr,cert,100PK, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5188-6535

Blue screw caps 100/PK, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5182-0717

Blue scrw tp,pre-slit PTFE/Si spta,100PK, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5183-2076

Graphite tubes, partitioned, 10/pk, AA Unit(s) 1 AT-6310001200

SiliaQuick bulk C18 23% for QuEChERS, 40-63um, 60A, 100 g Unit(s) 1 AUT-2313-100G

Adaptor Cap for 1,3 and 6mL SPE Tubes, w/ Luer tip, polyethylene, 15/Pk Unit(s) 1 AH0-7191

Strata PFAS (WAX/GCB), 200mg/50mg/6mL, 30/Pk Unit(s) 1 CS0-9207

Syringe 10ul straight, FN 23/42/HP, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-9301-0713

Lnr,gen purp split/spltls,tpr,glswl,deac, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5183-4711

Ferrule, 1.0mm Graphite 0.53 col 10/PK, 58 Unit(s) 1 AT-5080-8773

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