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ChraLab VPB  Digital Biological Microscope
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ChraLab VPB Digital Biological Microscope


With precision machining equipment and advanced alignment technology, ChraLab VPB Portable Digital Biological Microscope are classical biological microscopes. These microscopes are widely used in educational, academic, agricultural and study field. With a microscope adapter, a digital camera (or digital eyepiece) can be plug in to the trinocular tube or the eyepiece tube. Rechargeable battery(only for LED illumination) is optional for outdoors operation or places that power supply is not stable.


1. New machining facility and advanced alignment technology.

2. Comfortable operation with updated and ergonomic design;

3. Compact and flexible, ideally suited for desktop, laboratory worktable;

4. Interpupillary distance can be adjusted to fit for observation;

5. Support Windows Vista / Win 7 / Win8 / Mac Operation System. The software can preview, take photos and video, do image processing and measurement;

6. Support Multi-language (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Germen, Japanese, Polish etc.).

7. Even Fluorescence Illumination Across the Field of View Eight fluorescence mirror units can be attached to the microscope's illuminators for multi-color fluorescence observations (Option Add-on). 

8. Advanced Optical Performance Accommodates Various Observation Styles Customize your  microscope with modular units that enable more than five different observations. Choose from options including condensers, nosepieces, a rotating stage, objectives, and intermediate optics optimized for various observation methods, including polarization, phase contrast, and fluorescence (Option Add-on)

9. Quick Magnification Change with Motorized Functionality Easily change objectives with a motorized nosepiece using a hand switch. The hand switch is located near the focus handle, enabling users to control the nosepiece without taking their eyes off the specimen (Option Add-on)


This binocular microscope is an ideal instrument in biological, histological, pathological field and can be widely used in medical and sanitary establishments, laboratories, institutes, academic laboratories, colleges and universities.

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