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Báo giá hàng Agilent-Mỹ

Gas Clean Filter Moisture  CP17971Agilent-Mỹ
Gas Clean Filter HydrocarbonCP17972Agilent-Mỹ
Gas Clean Filter OxygenCP17970Agilent-Mỹ
Trap, Big H2O, 1/8in  BMT-2Agilent-Mỹ
Heater Assy f/Heated Valve, 50w, Unity 2 (Bộ gia nhiệt / valve được gia nhiệt)G3565-67006Agilent-Mỹ
Thermocouple, Type K 0.5mm x 150mm (cặp nhiệt điện)G3565-60006Agilent-Mỹ
Nicat, HTR/Sensor G1580-61160Agilent-Mỹ
4Ft 1/8 2mm MolSieve 13X 45/60 UMG3591-81012Agilent- Mỹ
8Ft 1/8 2mm HayeSep Q 80/100 SSG3591-80047Agilent- Mỹ

Connector to suction module Buchi (11055367)

Kính bảo vệ chống bắn (Splash protector glass) Buchi (43332)

Phụ tùng thay thế: Cap nut: 003577 Buchi (003577)

Phụ tùng thay thế: Gasket 002073 Buchi ( 002073)

Phụ tùng thay thế: Nut splash protector: 11057038 Buchi ( 11057038)

Phụ tùng thay thế: Seal w. Ring 11057035 Buchi ( 11057035)

Phụ tùng thay thế: Spacer 11057365 Buchi (11057365)

Phụ tùng thay thế: Support back-up ring -11057039 Buchi (11057039)

Phụ tùng thay thế:Đầu nối _ Hypalon Connector 019002 Buchi ( 019002)

PM Kit K-375 Buchi (11062610)

PM Kit K-376/377 Buchi (11062612)

PM Kit K-415 Buchi (11062615)

Set of FKM seals (6 pc’s) Buchi (38122)

Set of springs and holders (6 pc’s) Buchi (11055984)


125-5037Stationary Phases:DB-5, id:0.53, Length:30m, Film Thickness:0.50 µm

122-5032Stationary Phases:DB-5, id:0.25, Length:30m, Film Thickness:0.25 µm

863953-906ZORBAX SB-C8, 3.5 µm, 4.6 mm X 150 mm, 1/pk


Bên em đang có khách hàng cần mua cột GC Agilent sau:

Mã hàng: 122-5532, cột GC DB-5MS, kích thước cột là 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25um


Đèn máy HPLC 1100, G1314-0100

Đèn máy HPLC 1260, 2140-0813

Đèn máy HPLC 1260B, 5190-917




1 N/A Hiệu chuẩn, bảo trì máy AAS của Perkin Elmer 900T 1

2 9200253 Perkin Elmer, Viton™ O-Ring for Gas Lines (Neb., Aux., Fuel) of End Cap, 1pk 1

3 9902219 Perkin Elmer, VITON O-RING BURNER HEAD 1

4 B0505086 Perkin Elmer, CERAMIC - BALL 2


Stt Tên sản phẩm Thông số kỹ thuật ĐVT SL

1 Vòng đo mẫu (Sample loop 100µL) lắp đặt máy HPLC 2 Mã: 228-56074-42 Nsx: Shimadzu X/x: Nhật Năm sx: 2022 Cái 1


Stt Tên sản phẩm Thông số kỹ thuật ĐVT SL

1 Bo nguồn kết nối USB-IF (USB-IF Board) Mã: 890-2051 Nsx: Hitachi X/x: Nhật Năm sx: 2022 Cái 1


Đèn D2 G8431-80000 Agilent

GC Column HP-5MS 30m, 0.25mm, 0.25µm 19091S-433 Agilent


ICP-Internal Standard 5188-6525

1 Answer
Best Answer
002000 Syringe 10 µL fixed needle with 5 cm 0.47 mm OD bevel tipped needle, 1PK
002981 Syringe with Fixed Needle, 10 uL, 50 mm L, 23 G, 1PK
00301-15100 Oil for Vacuum Pump, 1 L, 00301-15101.
0100-0900 Union, zero-dead-volume, SS, with fittings
0100-1850 Stator Head for Agilent 1100 Autosampler, 0101-0921 valve
0100-1853 Rotor seal, Vespel, 400 bar, 2 grooves
0101-0113 Soap Film Flowmeter 100ml 0101-0113
01018-22707 PTFE frits, 5/pk
013.01.010 Glass Volumetric Flask, Class A, Clear, 10 ml Capacity, NS 10/19 Neck, Pack of 2
013.01.101 Glass volumetric Flask, Class A , Blue Scale - 100 ml - NS 14/23, Pack of 2
015.01.010 Glass Measuring Cylinder, Class A, Tall Form, 10 ml Capacity, Pack of 2
015.01.025 Glass Measuring Cylinder, Class A, Tall Form, 25 ml Capacity, Pack of 2
015.01.050 ISOLAB Measuring Cylinder 50ml Tall Form 015.01.050
015.01.100 ISOLAB Measuring Cylinder 100ml Tall Form 015.01.100
015.01.500 ISOLAB Measuring Cylinder 500ml Tall Form 015.01.500
015.01.901 ISOLAB Measuring Cylinder 1000ml Tall Form 015.01.901
017-30163-02 Oil Rotary Pump, Ultragrade 19, 4L (RV3 & 5)
018.001.050 Volumetric flask, DIN-A, 10 ml, ST 7/16, with PE-stopper, Pack of 2
021.01.010 Isolab Graduated Pipettes 10ml Class AS 360mm 021.01.010
021.01.020 Isolab Graduated Pipettes 10ml Class AS 450mm 021.01.020
021.05.001 Isolab Volumetric Pipettes 1ml Class AS 310mm 021.05.001
021.05.002 Isolab Volumetric Pipettes 2ml Class AS 330mm 021.05.002
021.05.020 Isolab Volumetric Pipettes 20ml Class AS 510mm 021.05.020
025348 Union Turbo V Source Peek Union, 1pk
027471 Fitting 1/16 INCH SHORT HEX PEEK, 1pk
030.02.102 Glass 3.3 Round Bottom Flask 100ml, Pack of 1
030.02.251 Isolab Glass Round Flask NS 24/29 Socket 250ml
033.03.400 Borosilicate Glass3.3 Spiral Condenser+Glass Side Arm 400mm, 033.03.400
036-11203-84 O-Ring 4D P5X5, 5pk
037-61018-00 Gas hose clamp, Wire band 1pk
040.01.100 ISOLAB Glass Filter Flask with Side Arm 100ml 040.01.100
040.01.500 ISOLAB Glass Filter Flask with Side Arm 500ml 040.01.500
05988-20066 Nut fitting, Column nuts. for 5973
062-65055-05 Deuterium Lamp For UV-Vis Spectrophotometers
0711-0092 RP-18 Brownlee Columns New Guard RP-18 15x3mm, Part No. 07110092
07150001 Brownlee NewGuard Cartridge Holder
072627 Graphite Ferrule, Compatible with PerkinElmer 1/16" Fittings, 0.5 mm Hole, 3.7 mm L; 10/Pk
07-6048 Cell Culture Plate 07-6048 Ps 0.5Ml Vol (Pack Of 50)
080-1064 080-1064, Hitachi, SYRINGE(500ul)
080-1591 SYRINGE 080-1591, Hitachi, L-7200 0.1 ML
08-4437 NM30LA service kit Peak Scientific, 1pk
08-4723 NG250-4000 Annual Maintenance Kit
088666-U ADRS 600 4mm Anion Dynamically Regenerated Suppressor, 1PK
088667 ADRS 600 2mm Anion Dynamically Regenerated Suppressor, Replaces # 082542/2021
0905-1175 Seal wash, PTFE, 1 /pk
09902131 O-RING 1-7/16 Od X 1/8 Wide 09902131
09902223 VITON O-RING 0.799 ID X 0.103 WD. PE-09902223
1000005 O-Ring 20.3 mm I.D., Qty. 1 (09902045)
1000026 Stainless Steel Tubing, 1/16" OD x 0.17mm ID x 1m
1000027 Tubing, PTFE, 1/16" OD x 0.25mm x 1m, ea.
1000028 Tubing 10 FEET, PEEK, 1/16'' OD, 0,007'' ID, gray, 10 F -pc/pak
100326 D2 UV lamp assembly for the 155/156
101C100F11BC099 Procon Pump Series 1
10224 Cột sắc ký khí Restek 10224, GC Capillary Column Rtx-5 30m, 0.32mm ID, 0.25µm, 1pk
10-405-052 Deuterium Lamp (D2) for Analytik Jena AAS
10424 Rtx-35 30m, 0.32mm ID, 0.25µm, 1pk
10-9815 Ống ly tâm nhựa 15ml, cái
10-9850 Ống ly tâm nhựa 50ml, cái
111A100F11AA Procon Pump Series 1
12024 Rtx-1701 Cap. Column 30m 0.32mm ID 0.25um
12108603 Bond Elut Plexa PCX cartridge, 60 mg, 3 mL, 50/pk
122-5532UI DB-5ms Ultra Inert GC Column, 30 m, 0.25 mm, 0.25 µm, 7 inch cage.
122-7032 DB-WAX GC Column, 30 m, 0.25 mm, 0.25 µm, 7 inch cage
13085-U Glass Packed GC Column phase 3% OV-17, 1PK
13906--47----ACN Màng lọc Sartorius Membrane Filters Cellulose Nitrate 13906--47----ACN, hộp 100 cái
18593B Agilent HP 7673 7673B 5890 6890 GC ALS Autosampler Injector 18593B
19231-60680 Ignitor Glow Plug Assembly. Package: 1 PC
19244-80560 Jet 19244-80560, for Agilent 5890/6850/6890 GCs. 0.011-Inch ID Tip. Length: 61.5 mm
1-Q-10-1 Cuvette thạch anh 10mm , (HxWxD mm): 45 x 12,5 x 12,5 mm, 1PK
200 594 SEPTA 12MM RED T/S 0.075 FOR13-425 CAP, 100 per pack
201-35584-00 SEPTA SILICONE RUBBER 350C MAX (20/PK)
20192 Tubing Cutter, 20192 - Tool 1/16 Restek
212164404 Duran Erlenmeyer Flasks DURAN NAR Neck 500ml 212164404
220-91563-03 Stainless Steel Tubing, 1/16" OD x 0.125 mm ID x 30 cm
225-14948-91 ESI CAPILLARY PIPE ASSEMBLY, LCMS-2020, LCMS-8030/8040/8045/8050.
226-50316 Tubing Connection, 1/8” OD tubing, Blue Polypropylene fitting, Yellow Tefzel ferrule.
228-18872-91 Line filter, LPM-600, 1pk
228-21217-91 Rotor-Seal SIL-10A, AXL, 1PK
228-32744-00 PEEK Frit for Inline Filter, LC-10Avp, LC-20Ai
228-34016-02 Deuterium Lamp 228-34016-02 - Shimadzu
228-34700-39 Shimadzu FCV-10ALvp Low Pressure Gradient Unit 228-34700-39
228-35146-00 SEAL 42455
228-35359-36 Shimadzu DGU-14A Degasser HPLC Unit 228-35359-36
228-37401-91 Deuterium Lamp 228-37401-91 - Shimadzu
228-39000-38 Shimadzu LC-10ADVP Micro-Plunger Pump, 228-39000-38
228-39120 SPACER VP
228-39751-91 500 µL Sample Loop, SIL-10ADvp
228-40002-38 Shimadzu CTO-10A VP Column Oven HPLC Liquid Chromatograph P/n: 228-40002-38
228-41024-93 Pt Coated Needle, SIL-20A/C, SIL-20A/CXR
228-45012-38 Shimadzu CBM 20A HPLC Unit 228-45012-38
228-45408-91 HPV Stator, PEEK, SIL-20A/AC, High Pressure Valve
228-46609-93 Stainless Steel Tubing, 1/16" OD x 0.3mm ID x 1m
228-46609-94 Stainless Steel Tubing, 1/16" OD x 0.17mm ID x 1m
228-48464-92 228-48826-92, Pre-cut Stainless Steel Tubing, 0.1mm ID x 600 mm, SIL-20A/ACHT
228-55626-00 D2 Lamp, i-Series, Deuterium lamp for i-Series LC-2030 and LC-2040 UV detector.
229.202.07 Beakers, Low Form with Spout, DIN/ISO 250ML
229.202.10 Beakers, Low Form with Spout, DIN/ISO 1000ML
229.202.11 Beakers, Low Form with Spout, DIN/ISO 2000ML
25324 PEEK Fingertight Fittings, Blue, Flat, 1/16, 10-32, 5000psi, 10-pk
25348 Union Turbo V Source Peek, 1pk
25812 Guard Column Holder for 4.0 x 10mm Roc Guard Cartridges, ea.
2641058 ILS, 5,0ml Syringe H- TLL ILS 2641058, 5,0ml Syringe H
27471 Nuts Self Tightening Column Sciex Turbo V Source fitting 027471 , 1PK
27751 PEEK Tubing, 1/16" OD, Blue Stripe, 0.010" ID, 3 m, ea.
27849 PEEK Finger-Tight Fitting SDP For Tubing with 1/16 in. OD, 1pk
2981 Syringes for TriPlus. 10µL Syringe 10F-C/T-5/0.63C
2J1-1500 DEUTERIUM LAMP U1900/2900
3010322 Syringe Luer Lock, GT, Plunger Tip PTFE, Single, 1PK
3010665 Syringe Luer Lock, GT, Plunger Tip Modified PTFE, Single, 1PK
301-220-HSP Needle assembly, vial probe, SS, deactivated, for Agilent 7694 headspace sampler
30268906 OHAUS SPX222 Maximum Capacity, 220 g Readability, 0.01 g Pan Size, 4.7 in (120 mm)
3150-0944 Solvent inlet filter, glass fiber, 40 µm, Film Pore Size: 40 µm, Non-sterile
32702748954 Kẹp giữ bình cầu 18# Stainless Steel Spherical Interface Clip, 1pk
34120 Kimwipes 4-2/5 in. x 8-2/5 in. 1-Ply
407-152.314 Z-graphite tube with PIN-platform, long Pack of 1ea
407-152.315 Z-standard graphite tube Pack of 1 EA
407-403.147 O-ring 8,5 x 1,8 for nebulizer
407-A81.025 Graphite tube with PIN-platform, coated, 1PK
4092-307 Sample Cup, 2mL, Polypropylene (PP), Conical, 1000/pk
410000274 Litetouch Nut Fitting 0.062 OD, 10-32 PEEK Natural 4/Pack
420400-1 Whatman 420400-1 Swin-Lok Plastic Filter Holder, 47 mm, 1 per pack
480-450.001 Al HCL Aluminum (Al)
480-450.003 As HCL Arsenic (As)
480-450.006 Bi HCL Bismuth (Bi)
480-450.008 Cd HCL Cadmium (Cd)
480-450.014 Cu HCL Copper (Cu)
480-450.021 Au HCL Gold (Au)
480-450.026 Fe HCL Iron (Fe)
480-450.028 Pb HCL Lead (Pb)
480-450.031 Mg HCL Magnesium (Mg)
480-450.032 Mn HCL Manganese (Mn)
480-450.033 Hg HCL Mercury (Hg)
480-450.049 Se HCL Selenium (Se)
480-450.052 Na HCL Sodium (Na)
480-450.067 Zn HCL Zinc (Zn)
4910012700 PAD ADHESIVE WINDOW O 32.5.
4910012800 PAD ADHESIVE WINDOW 36X25
5-0000-080-00 VACUFLEX PU 400 E - LW 80, P/N: 5-0000-080-00
5001-3707 Seal, gold, Pump outlet Agilent 5001-3707
5001-3708 Gold Seal for Inlet Valve - 5001-3708
5020-08500 Guard Column E Holder, 10mm, 1pc, 5020-08500
5042-6461 Tubing, PEEK, 1.6 mm od, 0.13 mm id, 5 m
5042-6462 Agilent, Tubing, PEEK, 1.6 mm od, 0.18 mm id, 5 m
5042-6463 Tubing, PEEK, 1.6 mm od, 0.25 mm id, 5 m
5061-5869 Washers, 0.375 inch od, 12/pk
5062-2485 Outlet Caps 4/Pack
5062-3512 Ferrule, 0.8 mm id, 15% graphite/85% Vespel, 0.45 to 0.53 mm column, short, 10/pk
5062-3538 Ferrule, 0.8 mm id, preconditioned 15% graphite/85% Vespel, 0.53 mm column, long
5062-8562 AIV Cartridge (400bar), active inlet valve, 400 bar, PK
5063-6586 Sapphire Piston, 1PK
5067-4659 Capillary stainless steel 0.12 x 340 mm S/S ps/ns
5080-8773 Ferrule, graphite, 1 mm id, for 0.53 mm capillary columns, 10/pk
5080-8853 Ferrules, graphite, short, 0,5mm id, for 0, 1 to 0, 32mm columns, 10 pcs.
517755-023 Loop Rheodyne 50ul Sample Loops, SS for 7725i
5181-3354 Syringe 5181-3354, 10µl tapered, fixed needle, PTFE-tipped plunger, 23-26s/42/cone
5182-0551 Vial 13mm Clear Glass Screw Thread Vials, 4ml wash/waste vial 25/PK
5182-0714 Vial, screw top, clear, certified, 2 mL, 100/pk. Vial size: 12 x 32 mm (12 mm cap)
5183-2085 Vial insert, 250 µL, pulled point glass, 100/pk Insert size: 5.6 x 31 mm
5188-5347-1 OFN NCI Checkout standard 100 fg/uL/1pk
5188-5365 O-ring, non-stick fluorocarbon, 10/pk.
5188-5366 O-ring, non-stick, for Agilent Flip Top Inlet
5190-1488 Syringe 10ul FN 26 G Sflex Bevel (Each of 1)
5190-2292 Liner, UI,splitless,single taper, no wool, 1pk
5190-6194 Self-Tightening Column Nut, 1pk
5190-9067 Cap, blue, screw, bonded preslit PTFE/silicone septa, 2 mL, 1000PK
5302020 Lid 5302020 DAP-60K - Berghof
58699 Tubing, PTFE (FEP), 0.063in ID x 0.125in OD, 10' Lgth, 1/8inch
5-9054 SupelGuard LC-18 Kit, 5um, Supelcosil 2cm x 4.6mm Cartrigde
5982-5156 Dispersive SPE 15ml, Fatty Samples, EN, 9P, 50pk
5982-5650 QuEChERS Extract Tubes, EN Method, 9P, 50pk
6000-211-1 Fittings, 1/16'', SS, LG, 1 pc/PAK
60180-825 Cartridge Filter, Indicating Triple (H2O, O2, HCs), He Preconditioned for GCMS
6040-0809 Diffusion pump fluid, 18.5 mL, 2 required for Agilent 5975 and 5973 Series
6040-0834 Foreline Rough Pump Oil, 1 liter - 6040-0834
6044.2310 Outlet check valve unit, VH-P1
6310001200 Graphite tubes, partitioned, 10/pk, AA
638-1099 Ferrule (SUS 316) 1/16 inch for L-2100 Pump
638-1423 Flow Path Filter, 1PK
64261 OSRAM 64261 HLX Halogen lamps 12V, 30W
655-1080-B Seal (black), 1pk for Hitachi Piston and Drain Valve
655-1080-G Seal (Gold), 1pk for Hitachi Piston and Drain Valve
675 1030BT8 SAMPLER TIPS 19 mm DIAMETER for use with 19mm diameter PowderThief Bodies
6910009800 O-ring 3/16 inch id x 5/16 inch od x 1/16 inch thick, nitrile rubber
6910012100 O-ring, nitrile, 1 inch id, 1-3/16 inch od, 3/32 inch thick
700001461 6070117 Ferrule, Graphite/Vespel, 1/16 in
700006543 Seal, P-200A, GFPM, HVY-Med Spring
70045 MXT Guard Column, 0.53 mm x 0.74 ± 0.025 mm, 5 m
720060 Pipette 1-Channel 100-1000ul Proline Mechanical
725060 Pipette 20-200 µL Biohit mLine Single Channel Manual
725090 Pipette, 1-ch, 1-10 ml Sartorius 725090 mLINE mechanical
7755-023 50µL Stainless Steel Sample Loop for Model 7725 Rheodyne Injectors
79835-87638 Tubing, 320mm, 0.25mm id - AA HPLC 79835-87638 Agilent SS
8005-0414 Syringe for Waters, 10 mL, Luer lock, PTFE-tip plunger, (no needle)
80366 Syringes, 10 uL, Cemented-Needle, 6/pk
80565 50 µL Microliter Syringe Model 705 N, Cemented Needle, 22s gauge, 2 in, point style 3
81003-0 Syringe for use with the Setavap 2 Vapour Pressure Tester (81000-2)
810-1004 Inlet Check Valve Assembly - 810-1004 for L-7100, L-7110 & L-2130, ANO-0836
810-1005 Outlet Check Valve Assembly, OEM Part ANO-0837
810-1128 Drain Valve Packing
810-1337 Solvent Filter, 1PK
810-1344 Packing B (M27034) for L7100 - 810-1344 (810-1364), 1pk
810-1345 Packing A, 1pk
810-1433 Packing A (M27034) for L7100 - 810-1433
810-3927 Flow Cell 12ul for L-7485 - 810-3927, 1pk
811001-00116 Solvent Kit (Tubing with G45 bottle cap and inline nut)
81320 Syringe Model 1001 TLL, PTFE Luer Lock, Needle Sold Separately. Part/REF #s: 81320
820950-925 Guard XDB-C18, 80Å, 4.6 x 12.5 mm, 5 µm, 400 bar, guard cartridge (ZGC), 4/pk.
820999-901 Guard fittings kit (ZGC) Agilent 820999-901. High performance ZORBAX
82335-60001 HP-IB Interface Card 82335-80001
823750-911 Guard InfinityLab Poroshell 120 EC-C18, 3.0 mm, 2.7 µm, UHPLC , 3/pk
855-5694 PIPE (M1-C)
855-5696 PIPE (C-VIS)
8619-0154 Burkle - 8619-0154 - stop-it hose clamp, Easy-Click, 15 mm, yellow
885-1200 Hitachi Tungsten Lamp
885-1505 Seal, 4-Way Hitachi LPG Joint
885-1884 Washing Mechanism Seal - 885-1884
885-2920 Seal for Drain Valve 885-2920
890-1095 Leak Sensor Assembly for L-2420, 1PK
890-2123 GRATING
890-2527 Halogen Tungsten Lamp (20W) for DAD Detectors - 890-2527
890-3183 Injection Port Seal for L-2200 Autosampler
890-3228 Syringe 890-3228, Hitachi, L-2200 0.1 ML SYRINGE,
890-3234 Syringe Valve Seal for L-2200
890-3237 Injection Valve Stator for L-2200 Autosampler
890-3243 Injection Valve Rotor Seal for L-2200 Autosampler
890-6003 LPP-150-24 POWER SUPPLY ASSY
890-6502 Solenoid Valve Low-pressure Gradient for L-2100, L-2130 - 890-6502
890-6727 PhotoInterrupter SV (890-6727)
891-1213 Plunger Seal - 891-1213
892-0322 2-Position, 6-Port valve for 5310, kit
892-6789 MOVABLE CABLE ASSY, 1pk
893-0810 Seal for Injection port, 1pk
893-0812 Seal AN0-5201,Injection valve seal, PEEK, 400 bar,1PK
893-0815 Syringe, 175 µl for Autosampler Chromaster CM5210 und CM5260
893-0816 Needle - 893-0816
893-4755 D2-Lamp Longlife for DAD CM-5430, part# 893-4755
9000-1471 Systec ZHCR Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Degasser Pump P/N 9000-1471
9301-0713 Syringe, 10 µL, fixed needle, 23/42/cone
9301-0891 Syringe, 5 µL fixed needle, 26s/42/cone
942339000000 942339395031 CUV NORM ELECTROGRAPHITBOX 10 CUVETTES
942339395031 Graphite Cuvettes Ridget and Uncoated, 10pk
942339395031-1 Graphite Cuvettes Ridget and Uncoated, 1pk
942342000000 942342030004 Deuterium (D2) lamp for Thermo/Unicam S4, iCE 3000 Series, iCE M-Series
942342030004 Deuterium (D2) lamp for Thermo/Unicam S4
953350210 HPLC Column Roc C8 10 x 4.0mm,3pk
9533575 Roc C8 5um, 4.6 x 250mm
96419 Alltech Silica All-Guard Cartridges and hardware 7,5x4,6mm 3pk, P/N: 96419
9910024800 Tubing, std, 3m, Agilent 9910024800 - Hi solids Capillary
9910031200 Electrode extractor tool for GTA 96/97/100/110/120
9910053900 Burner cleaner strips, pk.100., Agilent 9910053900, Mark 7 Spray Chamber
A2010MG Polaris 180Å C8, 4.6 mm, 5 µm, MetaGuard, 1/pk
A6000250X046 Pursuit XRs 100Å C18, 4.6 x 250 mm, 5 µm HPLC column
ACL-0024 Cr HCL Lamp Chromium (Cr), Part# ACL-0024
ACL-0025 Mn HCL, Hollow-Cathode Lamp for Manganese (Mn), Part# ACL-0025
ACL-0029 Cu HCL Lamp, Copper (Cu), Part# ACL-0029
ACL-0033 As HCL Lamp, Arsenic (As), Part# ACL-0033
ACL-0042 Mo HCL Lamp, Molybdenum (Mo), Part# ACL-0042
ACL-0048 Cd HCL Lamp, Cadmium (Cd), Part# ACL-0048
ACL-0051 Sb HCL Lamp, Antimony (Sb), Part# ACL-0051
ACL-1024 Cr HCL Lamp, Chromium (Cr), Part# ACL-1024
ACL-1048 Cd HCL Lamp, Cadmium (Cd), Part# ACL-1048
ACL-1051 Sb HCL Lamp, Antimony (Sb), Part# ACL-1051
ANO-0835 Check Valve Cartridge, 2/pk
Aug-23 Bộ kít thay thế định kỳ cho máy sinh khí của Peak Scientific, 08-4723 NG250-4000 Annual Maintenance Kit
Aug-35 Bộ kít 08-4437, thay thế định kỳ cho máy sinh khí ni tơ NM30LA của hãng Peak Scientific, 1pk
B0080832 Holmium Oxide Glass Filter
B-202-1 Brass Nut for 1/8 in. Swagelok Tube Fitting, B-202-1
B2205411 Cell Holder holds up to eight standard 10 mm cells LAMBDA Spectrometers
C0904-A4039 ChraSil A100 C18 Guard cartrigde 4.0um 10 x 3mm, 3pk
C1445-B5036 ChraSil B100 NH2, Guard 10 x 4.6 mm, 5.0um, 4pk
C1505-B5032 ChraSil B100 C18, 150 x 4.6 mm, 5.0um, C1505-B5032
C1505-B5034 ChraSil B100 C18, 250 x 4.6 mm, 5.0um, C1505-B5034
C1515-B5032 ChraSil B100 C8, 150 x 4.6 mm, 5.0um
C1515-B5036 ChraSil B100 C8, Guard 10 x 4.6 mm, 5.0um, 4pk
C1547-B5034 ChraSil B100 Phenyl, 250 x 4.6 mm, 5.0 um
C1551-B5034 ChraSil B100 NH2, 250 x 4.6 mm, 5.0um, 1pk
C20087-115344 Insert 250ul 29 x 5.7mm for vial 2ml, 100pk
C201352380 Bọt biển giữ ẩm: 7,6cm x 4cm, 10pk (Cellulose Sponges)
C22087-245443 Small Neck (GL-38) Bottle Cap Assembly 1/8", W/ tubing kit
C22087-245444 ChraSep, Small Neck (GL-38) Bottle Cap Assembly 1/8", Cap only
C22087-245445 GL-45 Bottle Cap Assembly 1/8", Cap only
C22087-245446 PTFE Tubing Adapted to Female Luer Lock Fitting, with 28" of 1/8" Tubing, Fitting Kit
C4015-45 Septa Teflon/SiliconeI CONE SOFT DURFOR 13-425 Cap, 100/PAK
CG-1158-12 GL-45 Cap Assembly, Red, 1/8"
CG-1164-02 Tubing, PTFE (FEP), 0.063in ID x 0.125in OD, 10' Lgth
CG-1164-N-01 Nut, Flangeless, 1/16", Yellow, Tefzel
CP17972 Gas Clean Filter Charcoal
D3-C1 AA HCL Lamp Cover box draft
D3-C2 D2 Hitachi Lamp Cover box draft
DCL-2213 Deuterium Lamp, Part# DCL-2213
DS-2CE76U1T-ITMF HikVision Camera quan sát DS-2CE76U1T-ITMF
ENF-260C/FE UV LAMP 230V 6W 2171535
F-120BLK One-Piece Fingertight Male Nut Black 10-32 Coned, for 1/16" OD Tubing
G1099-80039 Oil Mist Filter, 3/8 BSP Male Threads Exhaust Oil Mist Filter for Edwards and Pfeifferr round pumps, 1pk
G1205-60550 Collector Assembly PN: G1205-60550 for Agilent/HP 5890 GC
G1312-60067 Outlet Ball Valve For 1100/1200/1220/1260
G1312-67305 Connecting capillary, SS, 0.17mm id, 60cm length, used as outlet capillary or pump to injector, ea.
G1314-60100 Lamp, deuterium, long-life, Agilent G1314A/B/C VWD 1120 and 1220 Infinity LC
G1314-60100-DS Lamp, deuterium, long-life, Agilent G1314A/B/C VWD 1120 and 1220 Infinity LC
G1316-87316 Capillary stainless steel 0.12 x 170 mm S/S ns/ns
G1530-61100 Tubing 1/8in OD X 250cm Cu Tubing Coil
G1531-80620 Jet, optimized, 0.018 inch id tip, for capillary columns
G20163-14998 O-ring alternative to Shimadzu part# 036-10201-00 O-ring
G20163-15244 SOLVENT FILTER, MERCK Art.Nr. 27047
G20163-C10394 ChraPart #G20163-C10394, alternative to part# 655-1080, Pump Seal, Black, Comparable to OEM # 655-1080
G20163-C10493 ChraPart #G20163-C10493, alternative to part# ANO-0835, Check Valve Cartridge, 2/pk, Comparable to OEM # ANO-0835
G20163-C10547 ChraPart #G20163-C10547, alternative to part# 655-1080, Pump Seal, Gold, Comparable to OEM # 655-1080
G20163-C13984 ChraPart #G20163-C13984, alternative to part# 2140-0820, Long Life Deuterium Lamp, RFID (2000 hr), Comparable to OEM # 2140-0820
G20163-CA106 Rotor Seal, Comparable to OEM # 228-21217-91
G3182-61580 ULTIMATE UNION FOR GC G3182-61580 Ultimate Union Kit, deactivated
G4226-43800 Seal Insert Tool, Agilent G4226-43800, 1PK
G80222-P0007 ChraSep G80222-P0007, Sterile White PTFE sampling template with press 'hold' tab 5cm x 5cm, 10/pk
GB-100R Glass Fiber Filters, Advantec, GB-100R, 110mm, 100/Pk
JR-0611-TI05-3 Sure-Guard inline filter, titan, 1/16 inch, 0.5 µm, 3/pac
JR-797 Tool, Clean-Cut Tubing Cutter
JR-T-625-20-M3 Tubing, SS, 1/16 x 0.50 mm ID, 3 m/PAK
JR-ZU1XCS6 Union SS Bore 0.15mm 1/16in ZU1XCS6
L233-19NB K HCL, Hamamatsu L233-19NB Hollow Cathode Lamp Element: K
L233-80NU Hg HCL, Hamamatsu L233-80NU Hollow Cathode Lamp Element: Hg
LH-780136 Sartorius Biohit Tip 10ml, 250pcs

MS-0210-0003 13mm PP Membrane Filter Holder
N9302783 O-Ring, Viton for Glass Liner (pkg. 10)
P06150338 Nitrogen generator System GML32NM
P0620-00219 Cork Stoppers for L-K Centrifuge Tubes Model J-055D Package of 6
P19207-C00017 Luer-Slip Syringe, 10ml Plastic Disposable For HPLC Solvent, 10PK
P19207-C00020 Syringe Luer Slip 20ml plastic disposable for HPLC solvent, 10pk
P2920-00821-1 SPE Tube Adapter cho các loại cột chiết có thể tích 1, 3, & 6 mL , pk of 1
P4621-00386 ChraPart, 20mL Screw-Thread Storage Vial kit – Amber, 100/pk
P4819-01461 Nylon Syringe Filters, 0.22(µm), 13(mm), 100pcs
P4819-01467 Nylon Syringe Filters, 0.45(µm), 25(mm), 100pcs
P4819-01477 PTFE Syringe Filters, 0.22(µm), 13(mm), 100pcs
P4819-01479 PTFE Syringe Filters, 0.45(µm), 13(mm), 100pcs
P4819-01485 PES Syringe Filters, 0.45(µm), 13(mm), 100pcs
P4819-01487 PES Syringe Filters, 0.45(µm), 13(mm), 100pcs
P4819-01511 CA Syringe Filters, 0.45(µm), 13(mm), 100pcs
P4819-02765 2ml Clear vial, 9-425 screw top, graduated with writing area, 100pcs
P4819-02767 2ml Clear vial, 9-425 screw top, graduated with writing area, 100pcs
P4819-02783 2ml Amber vial, 9-425 screw top, graduated with writing area, 100pcs
P4819-02793 Cap and Septa for 2ml Sample Vial, Red PTFE/white silicone septa, for 2ml 9-425 screw top Vial, 100pcs, pcs
P4819-02801 Pre-slit, Blue PTFE/White silicone septa and Black screw cap with hole, for 9-425 screw top Vial, 100pcs, pcs
P4819-02803 Pre-slit, Blue PTFE/White silicone septa and Black screw cap with hole, for 8-425 screw top Vial, 100pcs, pcs
P4819-02837 ChraSep P4819-02837, 20ml Clear vial, 18mm screw top, round bottom, 100pcs
P4819-02843 ChraSep, Blue PTFE/ White silicone septa and silver crimp-top cap with hole, 18mm screw top Vial, 100pcs, pcs
P4819-02843-10 ChraSep, Blue PTFE/ White silicone septa and silver crimp-top cap with hole, 18mm screw top Vial, 10pcs, pcs
P4819-02844 ChraSep P4819-02844, Blue PTFE/ White silicone septa and Silver screw cap with hole, 18mm screw top Vial, 100pcs
P4820-07575 Fingertight One Piece 10-32 PEEK Male Nut/Ferrule for 1/16", OD Tubing, 5/pk
P-795 Đầu nối P-795 - BPR Cartridge 750 psi - IDEX
P-838 LuerTight Fitting System, Natural Polypropylene/ETFE, 1/8" OD Tub
PBA600F-24 COSEL DC24V 600W Power Supply PBA600F-24 DRV-I-1715=7C41/9D37
PSS830909 Spherisorb Cyano (CN) HPLC Column, Reverse Phase, 80Å, 5 µm, 4.6 mm X 250 mm, 1/pk
RDT-1020 RDT-1020 GC Split Vent Trap With 3 Cartridges, 1/8 In
SGE 002000 Fixed Needle - Plunger Protection Syringes, 10 uL, 50 mm L, 26 G, Bevel Tip; 1/Ea
SGT-F0201 SGT Combi Filter SGT-F0201, 1pk
SK-2750T 2750T COMPRESSOR SERVICE KIT. For use on 2750 2-stage pressure units. MODEL SK-2750T
SS-3NBS2-G Needle Valve, 0.35 Cv, 1/8 in.
ST3100 Starter 3100 pH Bench pH Meter ST3100
SV022A102CSS Vial 2ml convenience pack, 100pk
SV022C102CSS Vial 2ml convenience pack, 100pk
TPK106-5M Tubing 1/16 OD, .006/.15mm ID, PEEK, 5m/PAK
U-132 Tubing Stainless Steel 1/16 x .010 x .5m
U-320 316 Stainless Steel Male Nut - SSI Type, 1/16"OD Tubing and has a 10-32 Port
U-320X 316 Stainless Steel Male Nut -Valco Type, 10-32 Coned, for 1/16" OD 10 Pack
U-400 Nut for 1/16" OD Tubing. 10-32 Coned, Stainless Steel Male Nut
U-412 Waters Union, 1/16", SS, Zero Dead Volume
UN55-230V Memmert UN55-230V Universal Oven
WAT022996 Tubing, 1/16 in (1.6mm) O.D. X 0.010 in (0.25 mm) I.D. X 5 ft (1.5 m) Length , PEEK
WAT025604 Compression Screws and Ferrules, 5/pk
WAT026-04 Union PEEK 0.020 1/16" (1.6mm) Genuine OEM Part -Package of 2
WAT026-04-1 Union PEEK 0.020 1/16" (1.6mm) Genuine OEM Part -Package of 2
WAT097332 Union, 1/16 in Stainless Steel

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